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FIM Rally 2018

Events for 2018

74th FIM RALLY, Kaunus, Lithuania 25th– 27th July 2018 

Closing Date is 9th April 2018

The 2018 FIM Rally will be held at the Slenis “Health & Recreation Park”, for that you can read camp site, where camping & cabin accommodation (they refer to them as summer houses) is located. The site is situated in a scenic rural area, popular for local tourism, near Trakai in Lithuania. Hotel accommodation will be located in Trakai town, some 8km from the Rally/Camp Site. Trakai is located in Southern Lithuania only 30km from the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, which will be visited on an excursion during the rally. An optional program will be organised for those wanting to arrive a day or two before the official opening date of the event. As the event is based at a permanent Campsite, facilities should be reasonable and as the site is bounded on 3 sides by a lake, security should not be a great problem.

The camp site & hotel facilities will open on Sunday 22nd July, there are also a number of cabins on the site which will be available from Monday 23rd July. I show the list of cabins below, most are shown with an option to add extra beds if required, the cabins are being allocated on a first come first served basis & I will be liaising with the organisers on this. As the official entry/accommodation fees are quoted in Euros the ACU will collect all fees in £ Sterling and send one payment in Euros to the Rally organisers, saving on postage and bank fees
Entry and accommodation forms together with an outline programme for the event are available on this site and the fees payable for participation are listed below.

How to book the rally

There are 3 forms to complete, both in duplicate, the Registration Form is now split into 2 pages and covers your entry, passengers and bike, whilst the Accommodation Form covers accommodation and optional excursion choices. Please note that two copies of both forms are required. Complete the forms in BLOCK CAPITALS and check that each copy is legible.


The organisers have opted not to use box numbers on this form so:
  • At the top centre box write "ACU" in the FMN Name and leave the serial number space to the right blank.
  • Please print the riders name, surname first, and tick male or female as appropriate, then enter date of birth.
  • In the line below please print your correct postal address (we'll use this to send your authorised entry papers back to you so make sure it's complete) & then give the number of passengers you will have if none enter 0 or strike through the box.
  • Next please give your e-mail address, .then indicate if you hold an FIM Meritum award and whether you wish to receive further information regarding FIM Touring events.
  • On the next line please give an emergency contact number, which could be used for instance if you were taken ill whilst abroad.
  • Next enter the name of the ACU or BMF affiliated motorcycle club you are entering under, if you are not a member of a club please write "BMF Individual Member". Below this please give the most direct distance, in kilometres, to the Rally Control from the HQ of the club you specified - for National/One Make Clubs, the address of the Club Secretary is taken as the club address - or your home address if you are entering as an individual. To help you, the distance from London to Trakai should be taken as 1995 km; add the distance between your/club address & London (or subtract if appropriate), e.g. if you live in Bristol, which is 196 km from London and farther from Trakai, and you enter as an individual, the distance you would be 2191 km (1995 +196). Appendix 1 lists pre-calculated distances claimable for some major clubs to save you having to calculate them. Riders entering as members of clubs not listed, if in doubt, should phone Keith Freak on 01837 840398 to agree a figure.
  • The next lines cover the machine you are taking, please tick as appropriate then enter the details of the make etc. below.
  • Next please tick as appropriate to indicate the type of accommodation you require. And state whether you have any special diet requirements (Remember you still have to complete the accommodation form as well, even if it is just to indicate your dates of arrival & departure).
  • It is also necessary to state if you or anyone in your party need any special form of diet. For vegetarians particularly please say what you don't eat - I know some eat fish and others will not. Where a form covers more than one person I suggest you also at the top of the form indicate how many of you want the special diet, i.e. 1xVegetarian Meals & 1xNormal Meals. If you have dietary requirements and do not complete this section, you will not be catered for.
  • On the following page please give the name(s) sex and date of birth of any passengers you are taking, remembering to indicate if any Meritum certificate is held. If you have no passenger this page can be omitted
Then please sign and date the form, before transferring your attention to:


Accommodation reservation with the organisers (Art.7) is optional, however participants who make private arrangements should endorse the accommodation reservation paper "PRIVATE ARRANGEMENTS MADE" as well as stating none as appropriate on the entry form. The accommodation form will require completion in all cases however, as it also covers optional excursions before the rally starts for those arriving early. Additional nights camping/ /hotel accommodation will be available 3 days before the Rally (22nd - 24th July), cabins are only available 23rd -24th July
In the box for FMN write "ACU", leave the box for Serial Number blank.
  • In box below please print the riders name and surname then delete male or female as appropriate. Then do the same below for all passengers
  • I know you've already completed these details on the entry form, but those dealing with accommodation also need it, so please print clearly.
  • Next please enter your planned dates of arrival & departure (used to calculate no. of night's accommodation).
  •  In the boxes below enter your accommodation requirements. Prices on the accommodation form are all given in Euros, however you will have to pay the ACU in £ Sterling. The prices for camping are quoted on a per person per night basis, the prices for Rooms & cabins are quoted on a per room or cabin per night basis.

Hotel bookings are on a bed & breakfast basis and the number of rooms is strictly limited, riders wishing to book one of these rooms must contact the organisers on to confirm availability, rooms will be allocated on a first come first served basis. The rally is using 4 different hotels, the price for rooms is priced on a per room per night basis:

·         For camping with your own tent the charge of £16.50 is per person per night rather than per tent and includes breakfast.
·       Please complete the boxes on the form for Euros and write the £ equivalent beside in the right hand margin.
·       The lower part of the form covers the optional excursions which are available on 23rd & 24th July & offer a choice of a ride out to local points of interest or a bus trip on each day, before the rally proper starts. In order to take these excursions you will need to have arrived in Trakai the day before the tour you book.
The cost for the tour per person is:
Exc 1 & 3 Ride out to open air museum (60 km)                   £18.50
Exc 2 & 4 Bus trip to Grutas Park                                          £23.00
Once you have indicated all your accommodation and excursion requirements, please compute your total payment (in Euros) and put that figure in the bottom right hand box and sign in the box at the bottom of the form. As all calculations on the Accommodation Form need to be made in Euros, it may help to make a separate note of the sterling amounts to help you calculate your payment to the ACU.
Please note that 100% of payment for all accommodation and excursions will have to be made with your entry.


To save on fees for bank drafts, the ACU will make one block payment. Entry fees payable by riders and passengers are £159.00 per adult and £79.00 per child (8-12 years).... if you wish the child to have every benefit listed. Youngsters under 8, who can share parents' food, & who will not take up a seat in a coach, need not pay a fee. Cheques in pounds Sterling should be made payable to "Auto Cycle Union". It could be a good idea to include a short note detailing how the amount you are paying is made up, i.e. 1x Entry Fee plus 4 nights camping or 2 x Entry Fee plus 100% of 4 nights hotel for two.

4. REGULATIONS. Please read the regulations and accept that signing the entry forms indicates that you are prepared to abide by them.

5.CLOSING DATE for receipt of entries and fees is 9th April 2018.

As stated in Art.10, the Arrival Control on 25th July will be in the centre of Trakai. The organisers will also specify a point at which we will gather as a national team, in order to ride together to the Arrival Control and Parc Ferme. We may be advised of the time and location in advance, otherwise obtain the information from the Rally Information office when you reach Trakai, bring flags and anything else to create a carnival atmosphere for the Arrival Control and the Parade of Nations. If for any reason you cannot arrive in time to check in with the national team make your own way to the Arrival Control but please remember FINAL ARRIVAL TIME FOR INCLUSION IN THE RESULTS IS 4.00 p.m. ON 25th JULY. Of course later arrivals are welcome to take part, but will not qualify for inclusion in the awards. Late arrivals should contact me to ensure they miss no rally benefits.

Present holders of Meritum Certificates please send a photocopy of your most recent certificate (or card) fixed to the second copy of your entry form.

If for any reason you are unable to go to the FIM Rally and wish to cancel your entry, please contact the me on 01837 840398 as soon as possible. The regulations are silent this year on the refund of fees; however in the right circumstances the ACU can achieve something by substituting late entries for cancellations, but no promises! In the case of late cancellations, organisers will have made financial commitments based on the number of entries they have received and persuading them to make any refund then is very difficult, so if one of your party drops out at the last moment, please let me know when you arrive at the rally, but don't expect miracles.
Both copies of your completed entry form should be sent to the address shown at the end of this letter together with your entry fee. The bottom copies of your entry forms will be authorised by the ACU & then returned to you whilst the top copies will be sent to the Lithuanian organisers. These forms should be handed in at the Arrival Control in Trakai.
If you have any questions please call me on 01837 840398 between 10.00 and 21.00.

Keith Freak

South Tawton
EX20 2LW

APPENDIX 1                                                                                                FIM RALLY 2018
Distances in kilometres to Trakai, to be entered in the entry form by riders entering as a team member of any of the clubs listed below can be taken as shown:
BMF                                                    2158               BMW Club                       2275
CSMA                                                 2021               Dover 69 MCC                   1890
IMTC                                                   2116               Fosse Riders MCA             2158
Mayflower MCC                                    2216               Vincent HRD OC                2115

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